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MQ series portal crane
Four connecting rods

Four connecting rods:This type of crane is portal supported with round cylinder(four leg),which is moving with full rotary,arm frame of 

four connected rod-assemblies,the release lever which moves the symmetrical weight is balanced,working with container,hook and grab.

Its long jib can adapt a bigger-hull.Its contour is artistic,operation is safe and reliable,advanced performance,convenience manitain and durable,which is widely used for the loading and unloading operation at the port terminal.It is the type for comprehensive wharf and multi-goods harbor.

These two kinds of cranes mentioned above are designed and manufactured according to "GB3811-83 crane Design Standard" and "GB6067-85 crane Safety regulation".

Single Jib crane

Single Jib crane:This single jib crane is mainly used for the grocery or the bulk cargo hangdling operation of medium,small-sized Port.Its jib is single. Whereas the entire machine is light,and the wheel load is small.All of these factures can reduce the investment of wharf,and create ideal economic efficiency.Therefore,this is a brand-new type of crane which is full vitality. There is two luffing way of this type of crane-rack luffing and steel-wire rope luffing,which can do luffing with loading and do  the horizontal displacement,it  also can do combined action of rotary,lifting and luffing at any angle,running steady,the working efficiency is high,the lift hook and the grab may serve the dual purpose.


Dockyard portal crane

Characteristic:This type of crane is mainly used in the installation work of shipyard's.Its jib is four connecting rods or single jib,the entire machine is light and the wheel pressure is small,its luffing system is steel-wire rope luffing,it can do horizontal displacement with loading. 

This type of machine has four operating mechanisms of lifing, rotation,luffing and moving.It may work alone,also may coordinated work.Every meachanism linked increases the working efficiency of the equipment,and also the movement is steady,safe and reliable,so it's the ideal equipemnt for the installation work of  shipyard.

This type of machine is designed and manufactured according to "GB3811-83 crane Design Standard" and "GB6067-85 crane Safety regulation".